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Want to find pioneering ways to generate greater awareness
of the strength of mind, emotional restraint and willpower you can execute,
when facing difficult people, tough situations and deficient environments?

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Customer Service call center Hotshots CUSTOMER SERVICE call center HOTSHOTS

How to master the challenge of dealing with irate customers, unsupportive management, outdated computer systems & ENJOY your job!

Find out how to amaze those around you and most of all YOURSELF by tuning in to the wisdom, discipline and techniques used by Customer Service Hotshots – even if you have never worked at a call center before.

Customer Service Call Center Hotshots offers you a powerful method to satisfy customers and overcome a chaotic work environments. For over 20 years, I worked in the customer service trenches at well-known companies, including Select Portfolio Servicing, EverHome Mortgage and Bank of America. That's where I picked up the habits of exceptional performers and now reveal insights on how to:
                       • Control your temper; stop getting frustrated
                       • Connect effectively with difficult people
                       • Resolve demanding situations
                       • Create workarounds that get results
                       • Increase customer retention and profits

Customer Service Call Center Hotshots is your definitive guide for mastering the customer service role at any organization. Unearth the winning course of actions that you didn’t know were possible and the problem-solving powers that you have within you. Become a call center HOTSHOT today.

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Tap into your Higher Mind

Did you know we all have a Higher Mind?

Chances are you've heard that we all do. Now I would like to help you experience what tapping into it in an unscientific manner reveals.

Having worked with customers, clients and colleagues for over twenty years has shown me we all have different viewpoints. As a result, I'd like to show you how we process and retain information. I'd also like to show you the difference between perspective and fact.

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Don't Look Back DON'T LOOK BACK

Travel the inner mental journey with Augusta-Maria.

Augusta-Maria and Tiger are friends. Tiger is going through some traumatic experiences and is anxious. No longer knowing where to turn, he reaches out to Augusta-Maria for guidance. Augusta-Maria, who has felt hard done by life, offers to share her untainted inner mental journey. Tiger accepts.

Don't Look Back contains 18 letters from Augusta-Maria to her friend Tiger.

In these letters she delves into topics such as ...
          • Facing the weather vs dictating it
          • Dealing with procrastination
          • What we can control & what we cannot control
          • Rising above good and evil
          • The concept of time
          • The power of words &

Will her inner mental journey influence Tiger's life?
... and ...
How, might it have an effect on yours?
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Thank God for Music Thank God for Music
co-written by Michael Lyons Jr. & Wanda de Liefde
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WdLL Hi,

Just wanted to share a little about me.

There are some authors who write about the physical body. There are other authors who write self-help books. Then there are those who love to tell stories.

I however, have always been fascinated by the higher mind. By what transcends what we perceive to be physical or natural. By awareness of the mind in and of itself.

My goal has always been to take in the mental and/or emotional state of another individual, thing or situation and find a way to remain inwardly calm when dealing with it. I trust, my writings have unveiled a path on how to do that.

May they uplift your spirit.

All the best,